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Cocktail of the Week: Canadian Castaway

It's finally tiki drink season and there are entirely too many drinks that I have been waiting to make. When you think of a classic tiki drink you think some kind of fruit juice, a coconut, lots of umbrellas and straws, and of course rum. There's nothing wrong with these kind of drinks, in fact they're delicious, but sometimes you want to try something different.

I'm a big fan of mules so I thought "How do I make a unique, tiki style mule?" After some experimentation I found that maple syrup is surprisingly good company with rum.

This drink has a classic tiki drink tropical feel, but the addition of ginger beer and maple syrup sets it apart. Try one today and you wont look back.



2 oz. Kirk and Sweeney 12 yr rum 0.75 oz. Lime juice 0.5 oz. Maple syrup 1 dash Angostura bitters Ginger beer to top


Combine all ingredients except ginger beer in shaker with ice and shake. Strain into tiki glass over ice, top with ginger beer, and garnish.

Check out the full recipe page here.


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